Oil industry

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With the development of oil and natural gas on land and sea, the demand for oil refining, ethylene and three major synthetic materials is increasing gradually. This requires a large number of oil and gas pipeline gathering and transportation equipment and large and efficient petrochemical equipment, focusing on the development of desert and ocean large-scale petroleum exploration and drilling equipment, therefore, for the petrochemical equipment supporting and maintenance of the smooth bearing, mechanical seals and packing static seal market demand will have a large growth.

Series of high temperature resistant sealed alum roller bearings suitable for harsh environment, this kind of bearing is characterized by rubber seals on both sides to ensure that the bearing raceway runs safely in a dust-free environment to prevent the leakage of grease, with dust proof, waterproof, high temperature and high pressure resistance, heavy load and other advantages, there are also open and high temperature resistant bearings suitable for specific applications. It can operate continuously and safely at -40 to +200 degrees, which is an attractive feature of sunny bearings, which can not be replaced in many demanding applications.