Linqing Xinshengda Bearing Co., LTD., mainly serves the industrial fields of Asian countries STRW bearing products. STRW bearings, mainly produce all kinds of ball bearings and roller bearings with outer diameter from 3 mm to 4.25 meters, according to the sample of standard products and users special requirements of non-standard products, STRW bearings can provide customers with a series of comprehensive and perfect service and technical support, including bearing and bearing system testing, maintenance and assembly.

As a leading enterprise, Nailyou has invested a lot of money in research and development. Modern simulation technology, testing equipment and special materials laboratory provide reliable support for the continuous development and improvement of each production line, and also provide guarantee for maintaining the strong innovation ability of STRW bearings.

STRW bearing has a network of agents in many countries, selling bearing products to meet the needs of customers in different industries. The range of products and services covers transmission, reducer, robot, compressor, pump, machine tool, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, mining, coal machine, metallurgy, paper, wind power and other industries. More importantly, STRW bearing products have reasonable cost performance, customers at a reasonable price, perfect experience of brand product quality, as well as more perfect, more intimate service. At the same time, Nailyou company through unremitting pursuit, established a set of rapid response information communication system, to ensure that STRW bearing products in a shorter time, fewer links to deliver to customers, better service to customers.

Through its complete quality control and guarantee system and continuous improvement mechanism, the company adopts TQC total quality management mode, comprehensive quality testing means, testing instruments and testing standards, and regular training, to fully ensure the overall product quality of STRW bearings in the leading level in the industry. At the same time, Nailyou company has a strong team of engineers to provide customers with pre-sales and after-sales service, really assist customers to solve their mechanical equipment in the process of work encountered various problems, help customers to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Staff, customers, quality, cost, benefit is our focus; Teamwork, enterprising, high sense of responsibility is our spirit; Integrity, openness, healthy and sustainable development are our characteristics. Nailyou company will always keep the close connection between the transmission product producers and users, for the continuous progress of transmission control technology, to meet the needs of global customers with high quality service, to provide a full range of transmission products and professional technical solutions.