Angular contact ball bearing sealing technology for noise prevention

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Bearing noise is an important source of pollution in the environment, but also the bearing industry needs to control an important indicator, especially for home appliances, office machinery, instrumentation angular contact ball bearing noise limits are more prominent. For nearly a decade, China's bearing industry to do a lot of work to reduce bearing noise, so that the level of noise reduction has greatly improved, but compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap, the user reflects the prominent " , That is, the operation of the bearing appears an irregular burst sound, and even screams. The bearing noise affects many factors and is also very complex and needs to be analyzed from the bearing's overall design, bearing parts - inner rings, outer rings, retainers, rolling elements and lubricants (grease) Ball bearings for each part of the material used, plus -1-212 art process and even the use of equipment, process materials and other aspects to analyze the study. This is the basic content involved in bearing noise technology.
Rolling bearing corrosion causes and prevention methods Rolling bearing corrosion is caused by a variety of internal and external factors, summed up mainly:
1, metal surface finish (oxygen concentration difference battery corrosion).
2, the chemical composition and structure of the metal material itself.
3, the metal surface contact with the solution composition and pH;
4, ambient temperature and humidity.
5, with the metal surface in contact with a variety of environmental media.
6, another person's sweat is also caused by angular contact ball bearing corrosion reasons, its pH value of 5 to 6. So in order to prevent hand sweat caused by corrosion, installation and production personnel should bring gloves, do not touch the rolling bearings.
Anti-rust oil to prevent rolling bearings rust
1, soaking method: some small rolling bearings soaked in rust-proof grease, the oil film thickness can be controlled by anti-rust oil temperature or viscosity to achieve. So that the surface adhesion of a layer of anti-rust grease method.
2, brushing method: brush when the uniform attention to the surface of the rolling bearing, do not produce accumulation, but also pay attention to prevent leakage coating.
3, spray method: some large-scale anti-rust is not suitable for use soaking oil, generally with about 0.7Mpa pressure filter compressed air in the air cleaning place for spraying. Spray method for solvent dilution type anti-rust oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil. This method must be used to improve the fire and labor protection measures.